Our work with children and young people

What does Brathay actually do, then..?


What do you think we do..? You probably know us for primarily doing one thing, but you might be surprised by the variety of activities we're involved in...Find Out more

How donations in memory of Matt are helping young people


How we’re using the funds raised in Matt Campbell's memory since the launch of the 3.7 programme in September 2018, to improve the resilience of young people at risk of poor mental health. Find Out more

Highlights and challenges


Our Finance Director takes a look at the highlights of 2018 and the challenges ahead over the next 12 months.Find Out more

Making an incredible impact on children who run away


For the last two years we have worked with young people (aged 11 to 17) who go missing from home in the Oldham area. Find Out more

Talent Match – how we’re supporting young people into employment


Over the last five years we have helped over 600 people in West Yorkshire on the path to work and training through Talent Match.Find Out more