​Plenty of the present and past generations have enjoyed (or struggled) in the famous Brathay boats...

Young men on a Brathay whaler boat in 1955

But here is where it all began… in September 1955… and in the words of the young men participating in a Course.

‘It was noon when a lorry pulled to a halt at Brathay Hall.  Many faces appeared at windows, pleased to see ‘WINDERMERE’ all in her shining glory of red and grey paint. She was certainly a fine boat (and the first of a line of six new craft)

Mr Doogan the Warden (Principal) asked for volunteers to aid in the launching. After dealing with the barrage of offers he chose Windermere Dormitory as it was soon to be their very own boat.   So nine of us climbed aboard the lorry and set off for Waterhead where she was unleashed, put on rollers and gently slipped into the lake.   

We rather expected Mr Doogan, of Alan Barrett the Sailing Instructor to break a bottle of champagne, but funds did not run to that.  Soon four of the lads and Mr Doogan, all with shoes and socks in hand, climbed aboard and off went The Good Ship Windermere, with Captain Doogan in the bows, towards her new berth at the brand new Brathay boathouse. ‘

Sixty two years later, thanks to excellent maintenance, she still sails on...

People on the 'Windermere' whaler boat today