Stand by for a glimpse into the past, and maybe also a look into the future!

Brathay Hall with Conservatory

Over the past 70 years many thousands of people of all ages have been to and benefited by the courses at Brathay Hall. Sharp eyes might have noticed that, long ago, there was a feature on the front of the hall that has long since disappeared. To the right are the traces of a roof-line of a former conservatory! This would have linked two of the main rooms and would have been a wonderful place to sit and enjoy the winter sun (yes we DO have sun), enjoy the plants and do whatever else the Redmayne Victorian gentry got up to.

Now, thanks to a Redmayne descendant who called, we have a photograph of that structure!   

So what, you may ask. But would it not be a fine thing to see that conservatory restored and once again put to good use in our very busy Brathay Hall? All those ghosts of Victorian gentry could be replaced by hundreds of 21st century eager beavers learning about work, life and everything.

So, what does it take?   First there is the small matter of Planning Permission. Until now nobody dared suggest altering an historic building (even though Coleridge thought it an incongruous ‘white palace’) but, now that we have this proof about the past, the way ahead might be clear.   Then there is the small matter of funding. Perhaps some well-wisher with a sense of history might come our way.   Come to think of it this is not really an old fashioned idea – just look at how many new 21st century buildings are going up today completely clad in glass.

Can you ‘see your way’?