I recently chatted to Brathay's Head of Organisational Development, Deborah Hepple, about how organisations can support their staff through difficult and challenging experiences.

Deborah provided fascinating insights into how these experiences affect an individual's wellbeing, how that manifests itself, and the negative effects this can have on a team's functionality.

We also discussed what strategies can be used to support individuals and teams with these challenges, and why organisational climate and strategic wellbeing are essential.

We're going to break the video down into shorter pieces, but as it is a great chat, with some useful insights into how to support your team's wellbeing and resilience, it's worth investing your time in the whole video. It will be 18 minutes well spent, so grab a cuppa and enjoy.

Plus, with this full video, you get to hear about Deborah's background and seven years of experience at Brathay, as well as having more time to admire my fetching pink polo shirt. Win-win.