Someone associated with the Brathay Exploration Group in its early days has recently passed away and readers might be interested in the link.

Christopher Mylne Filming

In the 1950s Christopher Mylne lived on Foula in the joint roles of Schoolmaster and Missionary. He was a keen ornithologist and that, together with filming skills, brought him in touch with the Brathay Group, for whom Foula was a regular venue.

In 1955 he put together a silent black and white film about the Brathay work on Foula and this, I reckon, was the prompt for much Brathay film work in the coming years.

I was able to follow his record in 1961 with our sound and colour version of the work, which brought us to the attention of the BBC (But that’s another story).

Chris went on to do great things in the nature filming world. His skills were recognised by the Royal Society for the Protection of Birds (RSPB) and, as their roving professional photographer, he was able to present bird life to audiences far and wide. This was long before the days of colour television and his work included filling the Royal Festival Hall in London some 13 times with nature films. It is said that RSPB membership growth owed much to his skills.

Much of his work is now, I guess, in national film archives (as is the Brathay work). But Brathay retains the original film he did for us way back in 1955. And the Brathay library includes his Time of My Life – his well-produced book about Foula.