It's not necessarily what people expect, but actually I'm a pretty reflective person.

I was looking at my social media outlets this morning (more a viewer than a user at the moment if I am honest) and it got me thinking about myself and where I work. Brathay Trust. Why do I do it?

I spent the first 20+ years of my career in accountancy practice, hard work, demanding, fulfilling and, to be fair, not badly paid. It had it's moments, no doubt about that, but it ticked all the boxes you're meant to tick in life.

Move on rather more years than I might like to own up to and I'm sitting here at Brathay. I didn't plan to work in the charitable sector. It sort of happened to me. Saw the job, it ticked the big boxes, this time mine not the rest of the world's, and I had to have it. It really is all about the children and young people for me.

I mean honestly, my life's been pretty straightforward. I am so lucky, solid roots, lots of love and enough money to go around. Was it the same for all my school pals? Not at all, I know what grim can look like and, simply, that's why I do what I do. Life's not all about me, it's about the people around you, community big and small and, to quote directly from my fave film, Hot Fuzz, "the greater good" (although I mean it with more sincerity and less irony I promise).

So this morning, before I started work, I signed up for Brathay's new Membership Scheme, Love Brathay. So, yes, I really do pay to work here (and, that from an accountant). Maybe one or two of you out there might think about doing the same? The joining the scheme rather than paying to work here!