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Catch up on what the Brathay team are up to, and their thoughts on a range of subjects relating to our work with children and young people, our research activities and fundraising.

Volunteer Case Study: Iona Golby


Iona has volunteered for Brathay’s Marketing and Fundraising departments for around two days per week between July and August 2017. Find out more about what she got up to here!Find Out more

Can you help us pave the way for a better outdoor space for young people?


We're looking for help to re-invigorate the outdoor space at one of our outdoor education centre in the Lake District, Low Bank Ground. Could you help?Find Out more

Whatever (still) floats your boat


​Plenty of the present and past generations have enjoyed (or struggled in) the famous Brathay boats but this post looks at the first outing of a brand new boat in 1955.Find Out more

Top 10 things to do in Ambleside, summer 2017


We’ve compiled a handy list of the top 10 things to do in Ambleside this summer especially for you. From sports activities to music festivals there is something for everyone!Find Out more

Brathay apprentice challenged


Our archivist digs out a letter from long ago about an apprentice who came to Brathay in 1951 and how the experience built up his self-esteem and confidence to face the future.Find Out more

The impact of the school funding crisis


With the General Election looming, school funding is at the top of many educationalists’ agendas. With a £3bn saving needing to be made by 2020 it's an uncertain time for both schools and residential providers. Our Head of Residential Provision, Dave Harvey, takes a look...Find Out more

Corporate Social Responsibility is alive and well in Cumbria


Times are hard, and no more so than for charities competing for ever dwindling resources. More than ever we need strong leaders emerging from and working with communities to tackle the challenges faced in the 3rd sector. Brathay are meeting challenges by working with partners to find creative solutions. Read more here!Find Out more

Looking Both Ways


Our Archivist spends his time looking back to pick up gems from our past that might be both interesting and useful in looking to the future. This week he writes about a couple of recent enquiries which have brought some of Brathay's past explorations to Iceland and Norway to the surface.Find Out more

A BIG Brathay thank you for helping transform young lives


To mark our 70th anniversary in 2016 we launched the New Beginnings appeal to raise money for work with young people leaving the care system. It was a great success thanks to the generous support of businesses and individuals. Thank you! Here are some of the ways we have used your donations...Find Out more

Tea and scones in the conservatory anyone?


Have a glimpse into the past of Brathay Hall to see a long lost conservatory which once stood alongside the main hall. Could this piece of the past return or is it to remain a distant memory? Find Out more