Maurice Dybeck had his first Brathay experience as a young 23-year-old in 1952. He remembers it still, and firmly believes that the Brathay effect can remain forever in people's minds and hearts.

Do you want to be remembered? A fine question to ask me, a 90 year old, but instead I put it to you folk who come on Brathay Courses.

Now, please accept that while Brathay may not remember you I guarantee that you will remember Brathay!

Whatever your Course Objectives you will remember how the experience made you feel.

That’s fine. Keep it that way.

CHECK LIST   Things you might remember.  (In no particular order)

  • The beauty of the place
  • The food
  • Inspirational staff                                                         
  • Staff who listened to you
  • Overcoming fear or anxiety
  • The weather (yes, all kinds!)
  • Being valued
  • Being part of the team

As for me, Brathay first inspired me as a young man in 1952. Beat that for a long-lasting memory!