In this weeks blog Maurice from our Archive shares some quotes from past customers’ contributions to the 1960's course magazine: BRATHAY NEWS

This was in the days when the team unit was the DORMITORY:

Carl, from Wolverhampton, is a person who knows his good looks……Bob, a joiner from St Helens, likes very much his pints on Saturday nights….Brian, a fitter from Newcastle, provides many an amusing moment with his foreign (Geordie?) accent…Nigel…continues to fall on walks… fell from a rock and became totally submerged, rucksack and all….Don, a bank worker, becomes completely infuriated by Nigel’s unwitty comments….But John is unruffled. He takes pride in remaining true to his daily letter-writing girl friend….Dave, speaks with a broad Yorkshire accent but says what he thinks, at the wrong times.
The dorm thrives on arguments about navigation, car prices, work, and studies.
The dorm’s achievements to date are a first place in the trial regatta…on the mountains achievement would have been NIL, except for Mr Stone continually pushing us.

That was all in 1964.  No more dormitories but I guess human nature is much the same.

Maurice, in the Archive.