One of the runners representing Brathay in the 2018 London Marathon didn’t make it to the end; Matt Campbell collapsed and died 3.7 miles from the finish line.

In the weeks following Matt’s death thousands of people donated to help vulnerable young people in his memory. In agreement with Matt’s family we’re using this fund in different ways to improve the resilience of young people at risk of poor mental health.

What have we done so far?

In September 2018 we launched the 3.7 programme and by March 2019 we’d worked with 80 children from seven different schools. Up to 12 young people from each school work together once a week on different activities to improve their well-being; we also include a weekend personal development residential at Brathay Hall. Topics include healthy living, physical activity, balancing life to minimise stress and thinking about hopes and dreams.

Why are these children being referred to 3.7?

  • To build their self-esteem and confidence
  • To help them develop and maintain positive friendships and reduce their social isolation
  • To help them develop coping strategies and resilience to challenges including coping with change, family breakdown, peer group pressure and conflict
  • To help them  manage their emotions and make positive choices
  • To support those with anxiety and/or self-harming

What have some of the children said about 3.7?

“It has helped give me confidence to deal with things at home.”

“I have become more confident with myself. I have learnt I can speak to people when I need to”

“It has helped me because I don't rage as much… I try and try again.”

If your school’s interested in 3.7 please contact Lucy Maynard

Other projects Matt’s fund is supporting include:

  • Our on-going work with young people at risk of sexual exploitation by supporting them to learn about healthy relationships, safety and consent. Here’s what one of them said about the project: “I’ve made friends outside of the group with confidence I’ve made here…Before I came I used to self-harm and since I’ve been there I haven’t”.
  • Providing one-to-one support for youngsters who need to increase their resilience. Here’s what one of them said about the help they’ve had “Before the project I felt lost and trapped, like I couldn’t carry on...Now I’m buzzing to go to school and see all my friends. Your magic has really turned my life around.”

Thank you to everyone who’s donated in memory of Matt; your money’s making a real difference to many more vulnerable young people.