Our Business Development Manager Emma Johnston is impressed to see what Barnardos and Brathay are doing to support young people in care.

We have had some amazing weekends at Brathay working with Barnardos in helping to deliver the residential part of a scheme they have introduced to give young people in the care system a real voice to be heard. 

The scheme is called Triangles - so-called because individuals work closely together in small groups of three. Each group, or Triangle, is made up of two young people with experience of having been in care and one member of staff who is a frontline practitioner that they have a positive relationship with.

Each Triangle has the opportunity to take on a 'Care Journey Mission' - in other words, something that will create meaningful change in their local area. Through this, they are helped and supported to gain confidence; speak out about things that matter to them; build trusting relationships with others, and meet and mix with young people from other regions across the UK.

Over 12 months each Triangle is supported to develop their Care Journey Mission alongside personal development goals for each individual taking part. Finally, they are invited to create a business case for their mission with the potential of securing funding to take it further.

At Brathay we are very honoured to be working with Barnardos on this innovative programme and will continue to work hard to ensure we provide a supportive and welcoming environment for everyone. The residential weekends focus on personal development, in line with each mission and future aims, and use carefully thought out outdoor and indoor activities to promote positive and supportive relationships; strengthen problem solving skills, and build self-confidence.

Positive feedback

Working with the Year 1 Triangles so far has been incredibly rewarding for all those involved, particularly for Craig, Jacqui and the rest of the Brathay staff team. The updates from Rachel on the continuing journey of the young people continues to inspire us into 2020.

We held the first of four weekend residentials for Triangles 2 in January and Rachel Telfer, National Project Coordinator at Barnados, had this to say:

“In January 2020, we held our first residential at the incredible Brathay Trust in the Lake District. It was an incredible weekend of getting to know one another, understanding more about Triangles, toasting marshmallows on a campfire, whaler boating, and a challenging 7:30am mountain walk!”

The young people who began their journey in January have also had fantastic things to say as the quote below testify. It just goes to show that good things really do come in threes!

My best bit was the whaler boats - we worked well as a team and helped each other.
I feel ready to break down barriers, fight my anxiety and focus on my goals. This weekend helped me get over it a little.
It's been great; nice space, everyone friendly, love that we have our own area to make our own! I didn't want to leave.