A satisfied customer of 1958 has just posted this to us:

We were awakened at 6.35a.m… we ran down into Lake Windermere…10 seconds later we were out again! After lunch we went to the Art Room, but some of our group were late because they did not know where to go. So the instructor put us on fatigues… washing up!

Nowadays you would not get lost at Brathay. With so many people coming and going there are helpful signs everywhere.

But what of the youngsters themselves? Do they still get lost ‘in themselves’, as they say? In so many ways Brathay does its best to ‘point the way’.

On his monthly visits your ancient archivist sees quite a few signs. At supper this friendly lot from some big city were finding their way in more ways than one; discovering each other and then, on a lovely summer evening, discovering the summit of the nearest mountain. Wow!

Early next morning a skein of a hundred geese flew over the boathouse. But they needed no direction signs from us.

At breakfast I met two potential customers who had found their way to Brathay. Typically I understand they were thrown in the deep end, so to speak, and taken on a Ghyll Scramble. But the river was dry. I suggested they came here again in a downpour. ‘Immerse yourself in Brathay’, I should have said.

As for those youngsters, they seemed to be getting more confident by the minute. They were clearly now beginning to find their way. Then one of them said to me: “Do you work here as well?”

Made my day.

Maurice Dybeck. Age 88

I was a kid that knew they wanted to do something and had ambition for it but didn’t know how to get there or have the resources needed to get there. Brathay was the place that stepped me up and gave me all those opportunities I needed to do what I wanted to.