Where did all those groundworks in the walled garden spring from?

Back in January, the team here challenged me to write a blog and I did it, not exactly kicking and screaming, but with a healthy degree of scepticism as to who would actually read it. Turns out some of you lovely people out there actually did, so here I am again!

What’s motivated me this time is actually the reaffirmation that there really are lovely people out there and that their spirit and generosity lies right at the heart of our ability to help and support children and young people.

We’re just coming out of budget season, always a painful time in the working calendar, even more painful in the current climate. I could just hunker down and stay entombed in my office, pretending everything’s easy and straight forward, but somehow that doesn’t seem the best plan.

What I do instead is clear my head by striding out round the beautiful Brathay Hall site, looking at what’s going on around me, hearing the laughter of young people, chatting to colleagues and delegates, really getting the feel of what we are about and what the issues of the day are.

Walking down the drive, full of potholes thanks to recent inclement weather, that’s when the amazing generosity of individuals and businesses really strikes me. Where did all those groundworks in the walled garden spring from, I’ve not signed an invoice for them? Then I remember Harry Barker and the amazing team from HBP Cumbria. They did this, and they didn’t charge us a penny.

What shines through too, is the generous spirit of the workers when I thanked them. They pointed out that they were getting paid, though I have to say I’m pretty sure they went several extra miles for us. They were clear it was the generous spirit of their boss, Harry, we should be thanking. What an amazing accolade from his team. So thank you one and all, we really could not do what we do without your support and others like you.