A quote from a letter of long ago...

Our ancient archivist digs out the following:

‘I attended Brathay in September1951….

It was only on reflection that I understood and appreciated what Brathay had meant to me in my youth and what it has been to me throughout my life.

Without wishing to sound conceited I was proud of what I had achieved; I had more self-esteem and confidence to face the future. Almost thirty years later I met one of my old Apprentice Training Officers. He had selected me originally to go to Brathay, firstly because of my efforts in the first year, but more importantly because he felt that I needed to improve my confidence and self-awareness.

Young men at Brathay Hall in the 1950s

He had no doubts at all that my employment achievements, personal developments and outlook on life had been initiated at Brathay. I did not know until then that he had been monitoring my progress to that extent! He said that the majority of people who attended Courses had shown similar development.

I realised that everyone in the group had strengths and weaknesses that varied sometimes from day to day. We were encouraged to assist each other and everyone at some time in the month felt like giving in and just sitting down. Facing what seemed like insurmountable problems and having to make decisions that would affect the group was very daunting to a fifteen year old.’

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