Wow, those memories!

Our archivist, Maurice, puts the spotlight on a recent letter he received from France containing memories of a visit to our Ambleside HQ in the 1970s:

Franck came from Toulouse in France on a course in 1974 and now remembers it all in this wonderful letter. No high-sounding ‘purple prose’ this time but straight from the heart:

I have an excellent source of this experience. I learnt some English and many says that are not teached in school….how to play cards. We hiked in the Lake District….it was very rainy but we had fun on the lake with sailing boat and kayak. I remember when we were late in the morning (rise) so everybody had to run more before breakfast. The Instructor launched (threw) the bed (bedding) of the late people (out of) the window and they had to carry back their beds. I did it twice and it helped me for life to be on time. Thank you, Brathay.


Letters like this, from people who have benefited from our work both in the past and the present, often come into the archive. These letters are always fascinating to read and help add to the history, and showcase the impact, of Brathay.