Here at Brathay we love welcoming groups of young people, and adults, on our residential programmes. Programmes designed to meet goals, aid in personal change and develop wellbeing.

Here are 5 things we think are great about our residentials:

Getting away from the everyday

One of the most important parts of a residential is getting away from your everyday. Leaving the familiarity of home and coming away to a new and exciting place. A place that can inspire, a place to reflect and a place to develop and enhance your wellbeing.

We find that the extended time period and intensity of a residential experience is key to developing relationships and learning opportunities. 

Being in the great outdoors

What could be better than being in the great outdoors? Not much if you ask us.

Our residential programmes offer the opportunity for many young people to spend time outside in some of the UK’s most stunning scenery. Something they may not generally get the chance to do.

Out On A Mountain Hike From Low Bank Ground School Pupils Having Fun At Hinning House In The Water On A Ghyll Scramble

Being outdoors is good for us; it tops up our vitamin D, allows us to breathe in fresh air and can help lift our spirits, fighting off stress and fatigue. This is one of the reasons why a large part of our residential programmes are spent taking part in outdoor activities.

Staying in the spectacular Lake District

Okay, we can’t deny it; our residential centres are in some of the most stunning Lake District settings. They really are hard to beat!

Low Bank Ground Beside Coniston Water Brathay Hall Near Ambleside In The Lake District Hinning House In The Lake Districts Duddon Valley

From Hinning House in the remote and beautiful Duddon Valley, to Low Bank Ground on the shores of Coniston Water, or Brathay Hall at the head of England’s largest lake, Windermere, our centres certainly offer some spectacular scenery. They also make the perfect base for your residential with each having a whole host of outdoor activities waiting to be enjoyed…

Challenging yourself

Taking the leap of faith

We have a vast amount of onsite and offsite activities ideal for challenging yourself, from our high ropes course to rowing boats on Windermere or Coniston water. Alongside our outdoor activities we also have indoor-based activities, like mask making, to encourage creativity. 

We want everyone who visits us to engage in new experiences and to learn through doing. Each of our activities is designed to require persistence and determination, to encourage teamwork and push limits.

Could you stand at the top of a pole high amongst the trees, pause then leap off, reaching out to hit a suspended ball? On our residentials you could do just that, pushing yourself to do more than you thought you could.

Taking The Leap Of Faith Our High Ropes Challenge Course At Brathay Hall Taking On The High Vs Challenge

Learning things you never knew about yourself

Our programmes allow time for participants to experience new activities and challenges and for each person to take learning from the experience which is both powerful and meaningful.

Each activity we do on residential helps raise awareness of self. Discovering things you didn’t know about yourself, qualities that you can make a choice to develop. We give you time to reflect, which can draw out learning. This can lead you to take action and enhance your own life and, in turn, the community around you. 

Find out more about our residential programmes and what they offer here.