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Catch up on what the Brathay team are up to, and their thoughts on a range of subjects relating to our work with children and young people, our research activities and fundraising.

Wellbeing and me - how e-cycling has enhanced my personal wellbeing


Our Chief Executive, Godfrey Owen, explains how e-cycling has enhanced his personal wellbeing and how you should take the time to look at your own wellbeing too.Find Out more

Smiles, tears and laughter - reflecting on a successful first year for ALP3


Our third cohort of Aspiring Leaders Programme (ALP) students have completed their first year of study. ALP is a pioneering leadership development programme run by us in partnership with the University of Cumbria and Common Purpose.Find Out more

Do you know your way around?


Our archivist, Maurice, shares some thoughts on how Brathay, in so many ways, does its best to ‘point the way’.Find Out more

Reflective start to my day


Our finance director, Heather Dixon, reflects on her life, how she came to work at Brathay and why she does what she does.Find Out more

Remembing influential filmmaker, Christopher Mylne


Someone associated with the Brathay Exploration Group in its early days passed away recently - our Archivist looks back on his influence on Brathay film-making.Find Out more

It’s all about wellbeing


At the start of Mental Health Awareness Week we look at the links to wellbeing, which lies at the heart of our work with young people.Find Out more

Heartbreak and hope


As many of you know, one of our two fundraising runners in the London Marathon this year didn’t make it to the end. Find Out more

Families First: It saved us as a family


Julia takes a look at our Families First project in Bradford and one case in particular that really highlights how effective the project can be.Find Out more

Top 10 things to do around Ambleside this Spring


After moving to Kendal in 2004 our Client Relationship Executive, John Smale, has explored most of what’s on offer in the area and here are some of his and his families’ favourites to do this Spring around Ambleside, the Lake District...Find Out more

Life at Brathay long ago


Maurice, from our archive, shares some quotes from customers’ contributions to the 1960's course magazine: BRATHAY NEWSFind Out more