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Catch up on what the Brathay team are up to, and their thoughts on a range of subjects relating to our work with children and young people, our research activities and fundraising.

Even the most resilient need support


A King’s Fund research report highlights the potentially long-term damage done to the wellbeing of healthcare staff during the Covid 19 pandemic. It’s as issue which has significant implications for all of us. What can we do?Find Out more

How to support your staff through difficult and challenging times


We've got a great new video up over on YouTube - a conversation with Brathay's Head of Organisational Development, Deborah Hepple, about how organisations can support their staff through difficult and challenging experiences.Find Out more

NHS staff now the ones needing critical care


NHS staff are on the frontline of the biggest healthcare storm our country has faced in years - for many the damage to their wellbeing will be long-term.Find Out more

Never Say Never...


Climber and adventurer Geoff Hornby found his way to the mountains via an accidental visit to Brathay.Find Out more

Is wellbeing just a buzzword?


Switch on the news, look at a website, or scroll through the social media platform of your choice – it won’t be long before you come across references to wellbeing. Find Out more

Wherever you are, we are


Although Brathay Hall, in it's beautiful Lake District location, is a highlight of many corporate professional development programmes, we bring the uniqueness of Brathay programmes to wherever YOU are too - worldwide. Find Out more

What does Brathay actually do, then..?


What do you think we do..? You probably know us for primarily doing one thing, but you might be surprised by the variety of activities we're involved in...Find Out more

Brathay - building resilience, enhancing wellbeing, for 75 years


Having a sense of positive wellbeing comes partly from resilience. After almost 75 years of operation, our focus on individual and community wellbeing is perhaps more relevant today than it has been for many years. Find Out more

Embracing change and adapting fast – how we’re thriving and not just surviving


We’ve been through the same as you. We’ve also had to drop everything, change plans, grasp new technology, work remotely, constantly adapt to changes and restrictions, understand what our clients need right now, then rapidly adapt.Find Out more

Feeling under pressure? You are not alone


What you don’t need right now is a ‘Product’, or a ‘Solution’. What you need is some help – someone who understands the enormous pressures you and your organisation are under. We do.Find Out more