Our programmes often include a residential when young people come to one of our Lake District centres.

It can be a new and powerful experience; many have never been in a rural environment, experienced absolute darkness and silence at night or seen a landscape as beautiful as the Lake District. The challenge of this new environment starts to shift their thinking and change their behaviour.

In these new surroundings we set them challenges. They work in groups, try our ropes courses, paddle 'whaler' rowing boats across the lake, climb mountains, and create art and performances based on their experiences.

Donating to Changing Horizons gives young people a life-changing experience. 

Lawn Painting Young People And View Young People On The Lake

I conquered my fear of heights. We had to do the high ropes course and I didn’t want to do it, but my mates encouraged me. I was really scared and there was one particular bit where my legs were shaking and my mates were shouting “Come on, come on!” I said “I’ll fall” but they said I wouldn’t and just kept calling me and then I did it. That was amazing.

Mary Rose

Girl Wearing Climbing Helmet Girl On Ropes Course Girl Thumbs Up