Help buy a bike and kick-start an adventure.

We need new children’s bikes for fun, freedom and fitness.

Our Hinning House residential centre is in the Lake District’s Duddon Valley and biking around the valley is one of the most popular activities on offer to our young visitors. Sadly our bikes have seen better days so we’ve set a target of £6,072 to buy 24 new, great quality bikes to kick-start some adventures; every £253 we raise will buy us a new bike.

Riding a bike is a life skill and contributes to physical fitness but also increases children’s independence. Most of our visitors are primary school groups; Daniel came with his school:

Daniel’s story

When Daniel arrived at Hinning House he couldn’t ride a bike and one of his groups’ aims for the week was to use bikes to explore the valley, so he agreed to learn to ride a bike – during the lunch hour!  With the help of Hinning House staff. Daniel got on a bike with no stabilisers and learnt to ride.  He fell off a lot but never gave up and got to a stage where he could go with his group on that afternoon’s journey.  Although it was difficult, his sense of achievement – and confidence – took a giant leap forwards.

Why are residentials a good thing?

I faced my fears and made myself proud.


I did lots of things that I thought only happens in movies. I found that I could do so much more than I thought.


I pushed myself to do things I thought I would never do, I found out more about myself when I was outdoors …thank you so much, this experience will never leave my heart.


Young people on bikes at Hinning House