After Coronavirus ends, many vulnerable children & young people will need our support.

The COVID-19 pandemic is taking lives and destroying livelihoods. For many children and young people this will have a life-changing impact and requires an urgent response.

We are all aware of the immediate health risks to the elderly and vulnerable and the nation’s focus is on the care required to keep them safe. In the longer term, much of the lasting impact of this pandemic will be felt by disadvantaged families in our most underprivileged communities.

Many thousands of children and young people will need the services of Brathay and charities like us to recover and build a positive future. Details of our programmes can be found here. Donating now to our ACE appeal will mean we are able to provide that vital support as soon as it’s needed.

We inspire many thousands of young people to achieve extraordinary things and engage positively in their communities. We have the people, experience and resources to help children, young people and their communities recover from the effects of this pandemic. When we look back on this defining moment in our history positive social action is what will be remembered: a huge debt to front-line health and care services; volunteering to support those in need and the many acts of kindness in our communities.

If you can, please donate now to support vulnerable children, young people and their families. We are working now to develop the programmes that will help our communities recover.

We have already seen an increase in the demand for our services and are gearing up for a further surge in demand in the coming months. 

Information on our other appeals can be found here.