Our Trustees are drawn from across the UK as we are a national charity.

They are selected to ensure that the balance of experience of Trustees fits well with the issues that we face. 

The role of the Board of Trustees is to:

  • Ensure that the Trust operates in accordance with its Trust Deed and objectives
  • Promote the Trust and its charitable objectives
  • Support the operation of the Trust by making their particular experience and expertise available to the Chief Executive
  • Oversee the operation of the agreed plans during the financial year and hold the Chief Executive and through him his Leadership Team to account for the delivery of the agreed plans and targets
  • Agree the strategy and annual business plans and provide for the long term financial health of the Trust
  • Appoint the Chief Executive (done by the Board collectively) and his direct reports (done by the involvement of two trustees with knowledge of the role.)
  • Ensure that it complies with Company Law and Charity Law, and meets the requirements of the Charity Commission

To find out more about our Trustees and their experience, click on their names in the list below: