Development of the Brathay Hall estate has continued, with the generous backing of the Francis C. Scott Trust.

This led to the building of;

  • a handsome boathouse with a fleet of boats for sailing and rowing
  • a theatre
  • numerous group meeting rooms
  • extra dormitories and later, the conversion of those dormitories into bunkrooms
  • a fine new dining room was added, in keeping with the old building
Canoeing on Lake Windermere

The principal rooms within the Hall are maintained to a high standard in accordance with the Founder’s wishes.

A very significant broadening of our work took place at the end of the 1960s.  This happened in association with the Industrial Society whose Youth Director was Mark Wolfson, a former Warden of Brathay. In response to the needs of industry, there was a refocusing of the Four-Week courses to relate the activities to what went on before and after attendance on a course.

No longer was the Brathay experience simply a memorable one. It was now an experience through which participants could be encouraged to make decisions about their own role and effectiveness at work. Youth courses called “Responsibility at Work” and “Preparing for Leadership” were developed.

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