Among the four-week course activities was a survey of the depths of the Lake District tarns: small lakes situated high up among the hills.

Brathay Exploration Group

This challenging work, with the need to operate in all weathers from high mountain camps, caught the imagination of staff and young people alike, and out of this grew the Brathay Exploration Group (BEG).

It soon became a separate activity, with a base located on the 350 acre Brathay Hall estate.

Volunteer leaders ran up to 20 expeditions a year in the Lakes and to all parts of the world. Membership of expeditions was drawn from two sources. Those who had done well on a Four-Week course were offered a place, and schools were invited to send pupils age 16 to 19.

This partnership between schools and industry was important since both “sides” could learn from the other. Expeditions always had worthwhile scientific tasks with published results. And there was always a blend of adventure, fun and, in the later years, community service and partnerships with groups in host countries.

Watch this fascinating video about Brathay Exploration Group, created in 1988 and narrated by David Attenborough:

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