During the 1970s the introduction of courses for adults, particularly mangers, was a significant development.

Adult Courses at Brathay

It was Peter Prior, of Bulmers Ltd, who, with his requirements for invigorating his own staff team, brought this work to us in 1971. He, together with John Adair, of the Industrial Society, pioneered courses which were to be developed not only by us but also by Prior himself through the establishment of ‘The Leadership Trust’. Brathay courses entitled “Leadership for Managers” and “Managers in Action” featured increasingly in our annual programme.

Hard on the heels of the development of adult courses for industry came the demand for customised courses. Firms were becoming aware of the value of our work, now termed Development Training, and from 1972 many were asking for their own programmes. Prominent among these firms was the John Lewis Partnership, which soon had its own 14- day course, for 50 staff, twice a year.

Soon the client list grew to include industrial firms, commercial companies, government departments, the armed services, universities and even football clubs.

So, what began as a diversification and a support for youth work became, over the next 40 years, a significant operation with a national and international reputation in its own right.

Our approach to Leadership and Management Development is widely recognised and respected.  Adult courses demand adult accommodation, and parts of Brathay have been designed and equipped to the special standard necessary for this work. At the same time there was an “export drive” to run Brathay courses off-site in many parts of the world.

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