Luke Ambler Wellbeing have partnered with Brathay to develop the #BeYou programme, which is centred on Health & Wellbeing and born from the needs and wants of young people themselves.

Luke in the past had been bullied due to being overweight, lacking confidence and having a mother with long term illness.  Luke is now an international rugby league player and currently plays for Ireland and Halifax.  He also runs his own wellbeing business and is a valued 'fellow' of Brathay.

#BeYou is a series of workshops delivered in schools along with a much requested ‘out of school’ drop in service for young people to access throughout the year. This will allow young people a safe space to engage with peers who share similar experiences and with professionals who are ready to help.

Workshops and the ‘out of school’ clubs will be focused on building resilience and coping strategies for young people to be able to be better equipped to tackle life’s challenges. Whether they are experiencing bullying, problems at home or transitional anxieties #Be You is there to support and help our young people to be successful, strong and confident young adults.

Luke says “We ran a similar, very successful programme in Bradford and Calderdale in 2015 called Open Mindz which the young people really bought in to and made real steps forward. Now, it's about expanding on that success and really helping our young people to unlock their potential. I couldn't think of any better organisation than Brathay Trust to partner. Having been involved with programmes like this for many years and being an active passionate supporter of mental health provision. I am elated to be able to be a part of this amazing programme. Hopefully by starting with our youth we will end up with stronger, more resilient adults.

Details of our first session in the Calderdale area with age group specifics will be announced in the coming days.