I am a Senior Charge Nurse and Emergency Nurse Practitioner in an Accident and Emergency Department in the Yorkshire Dales. Running home is a welcome wind down from a busy, stressful day. Living not far from Bradford, where Brathay has a Centre, I know there are many young people who would benefit from the charity’s work. My wife Sue and five year old daughter Erin are my biggest supporters and they are both into running. I’ve been billing this challenge to my family and friends as my midlife crisis with the big 40 fast approaching.

I first heard about the 10in10 in 2009 when I started running marathons. Seeing the runners on their 10th and final lap around Windermere, as a new runner, was inspirational. Then when I started to research who Brathay were and what they did, my mind was made up. Seven years later I am on the starting line and the idea of ‘Running away from 40’ was born.

By the time the 10 in 10 is finished I’ll have run 48 marathons, 40 of which will be in 12 months. My two big hopes are that I raise funds to support Brathay’s amazing work into the Keighley area and that I manage to get around the 262 miles in one vague piece! I’m sure with the fantastic support crew who work behind the scenes of this amazing event that I will succeed and I am already excited about the chance to be a tiny part of it.

To support Jonathan's fundraising please visit www.justgiving.com/runningawayfrom40/