I am a 37 year old specialist nurse in mental health and I am married to Emma; we have two beautiful Labradors. A life-long Manchester City fan, I’m glad the fixture list works with the 10in10 dates! I run for ‘Tyne Bridge Harriers’, in Newcastle-upon-Tyne, where I live. I started running in 2010 when walking made me breathless due to my weight. Since then I have lost at least 13 stone - half my body weight – and I am truly bitten by the running bug. It’s an integral part of the life I share with my amazing and understanding family and it keeps me physically and mentally fit.

I have now run 17 marathons, three ultra-marathons and last year a 24 hour non-stop fundraiser for Brathay. I have raised over £5,000 for various charities embracing the challenge of doing so in difficult financial times. But my greatest achievement still has to be setting off for my first run wearing jeans and 'fashionable' trainers. I managed five seconds; getting to a minute is my proudest running moment.

I choose to run the 10in10 as a physical challenge and to raise money for the wonderful Brathay Trust. With a career dedicated to child and adolescent mental health, I feel passionate about this stage of life.

My training plan includes 10 marathons, two ultra-marathons and lots of hill training. I believe strongly in the power of mind over any physical pain. I'm fortunate to be where I am, I am grateful for the opportunities I have and the chance to support and promote other people's chances in life. Keep an eye out for my distinctive tattoos on both of my calves.

To support Adrian's fundraising please visit www.justgiving.com/24hoursonthetyne/