Because young people need to be successful and confident

Is wellbeing just a buzzword?

Switch on the news, look at a website, or scroll through the social media platform of your choice – it won’t be long before you come across references to wellbeing.

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Personal, team & leadership development for organisations

Great business performance needs a skilled, collaborative and engaged workforce. Brathay's personal, team, and leadership programmes make this happen. Visit our dedicated website to find out how we can help you.

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Give the gift of a stay at Brathay Hall!

All done online, so no delays with printed vouchers in the post – you choose the amount you want to give, and we send you the details to pass on to your family/friends/someone special.

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KS2 Rivers in a Day

Take a journey through mountains to track the River Duddon from its source to the sea. This will give children the chance to develop field study and risk management skills, grow their knowledge and understanding as well as have a fun and educational day out.

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Wherever you are, we are

Although Brathay Hall, in it's beautiful Lake District location, is a highlight of many corporate professional development programmes, we bring the uniqueness of Brathay programmes to wherever YOU are too - worldwide.

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What does Brathay actually do, then..?

What do you think we do..? You probably know us for primarily doing one thing, but you might be surprised by the variety of activities we're involved in...

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Group of Young Men

There are lots of easy ways you can raise money to support our work!

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