Championing Life-long Learning & Employability

We champion life-long learning & employability by working with schools and colleges supporting young people as they grow, develop, learn and achieve. We also support young people and families, helping them with any barriers they may face as they find a path into education, training or work.Read more

Supporting Social Action

We support social action through our work with young people and families, helping them to identify the services they need to improve their lives and bring their communities together, and supporting them as they actively participate in their local area through volunteering and other roles.Read more

Leading on Well-being

We lead on well-being through our work with young people and families who have specific needs. They may be sexually exploited, misusing alcohol and/or substances, self-harming, young carers, or looked after young people. We work with them to make them more confident and able to take control of their lives and assert their rights.Read more

Challenging Anti-Social & Offending Behaviour

We support young people and families who are at risk of being, or are already, involved in the criminal justice system. We help them develop the self-awareness, skills and relationships needed to adopt positive behaviours, which challenges and reduces anti-social or offending behaviour.Read more

Our Work With Families

When families are having difficulties functioning successfully there are often social implications. In such situations it is not uncommon for members to become involved in persistent anti-social behaviour. We work with them to help them progress in terms of functioning well as a family.Read more