The House

Brathay Trust is based in an elegant 18th Century Georgian country house, Brathay Hall. Sat at the head of Windermere in the Lake District the house has a fascinating history.Read more

Four-Week Courses

Four-Week Courses became the foundation of our work here at Brathay providing a high level of educational value.Read more

Brathay Exploration Group

Brathay exploration groups took young people out into the wilds, high up into the hills to survey the depths of the Lake District tarns.Read more

The Field Study Centre

In 1967, Brathay opened the third of its main activities: the Field Study Centre (FSC), dedicated to broadening the experience of young people.Read more

Expansion and Diversification

Brathay Hall continued to develop over the years with new buildings, such as a new dining room, and new experiences for young people.Read more

Adult Courses

Adult courses developed at Brathay in the early 1970s and help businesses develop their employees leadership and management skills.Read more

Support for the Unemployed

Unemployment rose in the 70s and 80s and was met by a ready response from us at Brathay.Read more

The Disadvantaged and Vulnerable

In the 1970s work was developed with the Trident Trust, to give young school leavers a residential experience with outdoor activities, as part of a programme introducing them to the world of work.Read more

Youth Work

Brathay continued to develop its youth work and still does today. New programmes were added and new funding streams were sourced.Read more

Brathay in the 21st Century

Brathay has moved on substantially since its early days, and yet we have retained the central ethos of our work – to develop people to enable them to realise their potential throughout their lives.Read more