Getting to know Dave, our head of residential provision

Dave Harvey is responsible for the business development and delivery of our residentials to children and young people at our three sites in the Lake District – Brathay Hall at Ambleside, Low Bank Ground at Coniston and Hinning House in the Duddon Valley.Read more

The benefits of outdoor education... 1955-style

A recent email, from a former beneficiary of a Brathay programme, takes our archivist, Maurice Dybeck, back to 1955 and memories of orienteering, impressive lectures, and the perils of scree rides...Read more

Developing character and friendship through sport

Dave Harvey ponders 'Character', and how residentials, like those we provide, create the perfect conditions to learn lifelong lessons and achieve friendship through sport.Read more

Why BrathayRunning matters

Heather talks about her view on the importance of events to Brathay and CumbriaRead more

Family adventures: Three generations at Low Bank Ground!

Three generations of a family were at our Low Bank Ground centre this week. Managed by us on behalf of Wigan Council, Low Bank Ground and Hinning House have seen over 70,000 young people and adults enjoy a residential experience in the Lake District during the past 30 years. Dave Harvey caught up with our inter-generational visitors.Read more

Brathay and British Exploring Society – a partnership that is going places!

British Exploring Society and Brathay are joining forces to share our expertise. Both organisations are committed to improving the life chances of young people through challenging expeditions, and want to work together to raise the profile of expeditions as an exceptional vehicle for personal development. Dave Harvey explains how this exciting collaboration will work.Read more

Archivist Maurice Dybeck takes up a challenge

When our Chief Exec asked Archivist, Maurice Dybeck, to write about our last 10 years as part of our 70th anniversary, it turned out to be a challenge so vast, only a series of blogs could do it justice. So here's the first one...Read more

Running a Marathon

With the 10th anniversary Brathay Windermere Marathon on Sunday 22 May, there’s still time for a quick reflection from Heather Dixon, Brathay’s FD.Read more

What Brathay means to me

Friday afternoon reflection from Brathay’s FD, Heather Dixon.Read more

Broadening horizons with outdoor education

Brathay's Dave Harvey reflects on the the role outdoor education has in broadening horizons and increasing the life chances of children. How can stepping outside their comfort zone and into the "outdoor classroom" help young people gain confidence and increase self-belief?Read more